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My ethos:

Gardens should be designed for generations and blend effortlessly with the home and compliment their owners personality, funtionality and lifestyle. 

To achieve this I incorporate over 20 years experience into my consultancy, planning, design and project management for gardens of all sizes and budgets.

Further, using natural stone and Oak, Cedar and Hemlock together with sustainable high quality plants ensures the gardens longevity.

I bring a unique perspective and creativity to my designs and work closely with my clients and specialist landscape contractors to create truly magical, stunning and original gardens.

I hope you enjoy my website and I look forward to discussing your gardens potential....


Even the hardest materials like Granite Setts can be softened by using a curved design when laying them.  
For the pathway on the left  I used a 'one off' adaptation of the 'florentine' pattern, meticulously laying 26000 tiny 2" x 2" granite blocks creating over 120m of woodland pathways. The meandering pathways are further softened with foliage planting bluring the hard edges.
The lower image is a traditional florentine pattern, I wanted the entrance to be striking, unique and to blend sympathetically in its rural surroundings..
Lighting's an integral part of your home and likewise it should be with your garden too, even in the depths of winter the biggest room of your home can look magical and take on a whole new dynamic.
Your plants may be dormant but the bones of your garden, it's structure still hold their shape and lighting effects such as coloured led lamps and dimmer options can uplight trees and radiate on natural stone.
To make the most of the views across the fields I designed a simple oak table with benches so my client could relax in the most picturesque part of the garden and lose the stresses of the day and watch the children playing on the rustic oak swing.

A formal Cotswold stone wall gives an informal approach to the front entrance of their home.

Inner city urban oasis with a lush courtyard garden.
The beauty of burred oak and a 'grown ups' tree house, what more do you need to lose yourself and enjoy panoramic views across the landscape beyond while enjoying a glass of wine watching the sun set.
From Consultation to Creation and Aftercare 
Your garden's the biggest room of your home.
It's there to be enjoyed, sit in, entertain in, play, relax and use as another room of your home.
Designing your garden to best suit your requirements and blend sympathetically with your home needn't be a daunting task.
I've over 20 years experience in designing contemporary and traditional gardens of all sizes and for all budgets.
I look forward to discussing your gardens wants and needs and I'll advise you the best way forward with its design and development.
Case Studies

Miscellaneous P​rojects 

Secret Garden Hambleton &
BBC Live Broadcast
This project in rural Rutland was one of my signature gardens. My clients were retiring and wanted a garden they could use for entertaining, relaxing in and one that would look mature from the moment it was installed.
This took both my craftsmanship and the assigned contractors to a whole new level of care, diligence and meticulous attention to detail. 

This project received a lot of media attention. The BBC read about it and approached me asking if they could feature a live broadcast from the garden and send a presenter to discuss it with me.
That's the recording on my homepage - the live BBC radio feed.
This project was colossal on all fronts and couldn't have been received better by my clients. It saw the extensive use of natural York stone pathways, limestone walling, hand-designed and fabricated wrought iron gates, and an oak summer house. I even harvested moss and small plants to put in joints of the paving so when it was finished the whole project looked as though it had been there for 100 years, it was like a giant movie set!
(BBC Presenter on this live program was Dave Andrews)
This was an especially challenging project. My clients son had cerebral palsy and wanted a garden that his son could enjoy, with the freedom to explore in the confinements of his wheelchair.​
An Urban Oasis & Live
BBC Presentation
My design incorporated over 100y of granite set pathways, there were 26,000 granite setts installed in  my own adaptation of a Florentine pattern, these sympathetically flowed through an existing woodland and meandered aside a flowing water course. I also designed 2 hardwood bridges with safety rails to allow the wheelchair complete and safe access at all times around the garden.
The garden was received so well by my client and his son that they agreed to a request from the BBC to feature a live broadcast from their garden.  I walked around the garden with the 2 presenters and shared my stories about its design, creation and how it was received by my clients son.
Just seeing him being able to move around the garden in his wheelchair was reward enough. The BBC featuring a live broadcast was more than I ever expected.
(With BBC Presenters Tony Wadsworth & Julie Mayer)
As an example each paving stone varied depth between 3-5" thick.

First it had to be cut via a stone saw to fit within the surface.

Then meticulously shaped by hand using hand tools such as a bolster and masons hammer.

Finally id round its edges and aged it with a scutch stone hammer.

Each paver took an average of 1.5 hours to shape, age and lay so it looked as though its always been there.

Even the bedding mix and jointing compounds were researched so the walling and paving were laid the same as if by Victorian craftsmen. 
To support local business all natural Limestone walling and Yorkstone paving stone used were sourced local to my project. An ethic I still strongly maintain.

In this instance the paving came from a local reclaim yard that had bought it all from a local 'Cobblers factory' (shoe and boot makers).

The factory had shut its doors after 200 years and sold all structural / salvageable materials to the reclaim yard before being demolished and redeveloped.

The benefit of this age of stone was the majority of the pavers had dished walking surfaces from tens of thousands of foot steps wearing its surface. If only the stone could talk and recount its tales of centuries past.

Kitchen Garden

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This style of kitchen garden has its roots firmly etched in time with English stately homes and grand estates.

To have an area within the garden where you can cut fresh floweers to ornate and perfume the house and harvest home grown fruit too

I wanted to offer this to my client that had a small and charming village garden where they wanted to explore the home grown and organic element to their lifrestyle.

Thier children enjoyed the fruit garden so much that not a lot made it to the house.


This charming cottage had a sad garden when I had the first meeting with my clients.
There were piles of broken bricks, soil, weeds and it was generally in a real state of disrepair.
Six weeks of hard work saw it completely turned around. I designed and installed stunning limestone walls, a small hidden Terrace around the back of the house, curved steps and a fragrant camomile lawn.
The garden now blends perfectly with the cottage and continues to look better year after year.

Rutland Overlook

This home was again on the shores of Rutland Water, Europe's largest reservoir.
It featured a small garden that had been neglected for years. It didn't complement the house or encourage you to look at the incredible views beyond.
I designed a large natural stone terrace adjoining the house, with steps down to a one step sunken lawn surrounded by a shallow limestone wall. Beyond that a meandering pathway with wild flowers led you to an oak gate with access to the parkland and water beyond.
I designed this in conjunction with my clients who had valuable ideas which were incorporated into its design.
The project looked incredible when completed and we were all treated to Cornish cream teas (google these!) on the upper terrace, a really appreciated treat for the team!
Decking for clean lines

New England sees a lot of decking. Here are a few options I've designed and installed, they'll  comfortably withstand our harsh winters.

Above was my garden in England, this deck was a timber called Yellow Bilal, its a hard wearing decking timber which is good for 40+ years. To the right is London garden with Red Cedar, this is a long lasting material too. Below is another hardwood, Iroko, these are all decking surfaces designed for longevity.