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My ethos:

Gardens should be designed for generations and blend effortlessly with the home and compliment their owners personality, funtionality and lifestyle. 

To achieve this I incorporate over 20 years experience into my consultancy, planning, design and project management for gardens of all sizes and budgets.

Further, using natural stone and Oak, Cedar and Hemlock together with sustainable high quality plants ensures the gardens longevity.

I bring a unique perspective and creativity to my designs and work closely with my clients and specialist landscape contractors to create truly magical, stunning and original gardens.

I hope you enjoy my website and I look forward to discussing your gardens potential....


About Me & My Services
My interest in gardens and design started when I was just 11.
I remember helping my parents create their garden and being fascinated how paths could lead to secret areas, seemingly hidden from view when you looked from the house. 
I eventually got to realise my dream and started my own gardening business in England in 1995. It grew from humble beginnings, fed by a genuine passion for quality, originality and craftsmanship.
As my experience grew, so did my skills, I carried out all of the projects, from the initial consultation then the construction, all the way through to final hand over to the client with an ongoing maintenance package if required. 

In 2006 I got the opportunity to design and construct my 'signature' garden. It was in a village called Hambleton in Rutland, at a stunning home overlooking England's largest reservoir and nature reserve. This also turned out to be a great media springboard and opened many doors for me.
My work is widely recognised and was been featured on several BBC Radio Leicester programmes, I'd walk the presenter around the gardens, explaining my ideas to help the listeners visualise the finished project, I've also been featured in many home & garden magazines. 
One walk and talk live feed led to another, which proved so successful it earned me an invitation to feature as a garden expert on BBC radio Leicesters 'Down To earth' programme.  The audience would ask questions on topics such as plant recomendations, design questions and what to plant in those tricky placessuch as sun, shade, damp etc

At times there were amusing dialogues with the rest of the panel, my replies and suggestions were based on actual experience. However most of my fellow panel members were textbook experts, only one other expert had practical experience, so my answers often conflicted with what the textbooks advised. 

I stood behind my tried and trusted advice and always welcomed other opinions, the audience appreciated the quick fire banter and it always raised a smile and made people laugh.

This exposure led me to write several articles for various home and garden magazines, cementing my reputation as a highly respected designer and construction specialist, with an emphasis on longevity, originality and craftsmanship through timeless design.
My Services

Consultation / First meeting:
Your initial consultation will be at your home so I can view your garden and get a sense of what you are looking to achieve and evaluate your wants and needs both now and in the future.

I'll ask a wide array of questions which all help in gathering the ingredients to design your unique garden.

At this meeting I'll also give you a quote for your gardens planning.

The cost for this initial meeting is just $75. And generally takes around 1 hour.

Plan Option 1.  Concept illustrations:
Concept drawings are generally completed within 4 weeks (sketches over images of your garden together with a full plant list and visual images). These are great visuals if you've smaller area within your gardens that doesn't require full to scale plans. You'll receive a wealth experience and creative input without the lengthy times involved drawing up plans.

These are quoted for at an hourly rate of and are generally at least half the price of full ‘to scale’ plans.

Plan Option 2. 'To Scale' Garden Plan with Plant List:
These are ideal if more technical input's needed or the areas larger such as complete front and rear garden plans. In most cases multiple contractors will need the visual direction of a scaled drawing to complete their aspects such as any construction, irrigation, lighting etc.

My plans are completely original and receive a huge amount of thought process and design input so you receive a unique design with creative originality that can be enjoyed for decades and passed down through generations.  

Plans are accompanied with a full plant list and I take the time to talk you through my vision for your garden and ensure you see it’s creative potential through my eyes via the detailed plan. These are quoted for on an individual basis accordingly to size, complexity and amount of time required to produce. My design rates are $100. Ph.

The Big Presentation
Regardless if you've used my services to produce concepts or plans both receive the same professionalism in their thought process and presentation. I talk you through the ideas and projections from my studio at Wentworth Greenhouses or at your home if you’d prefer. I'll walk you through the detailed concept images and plans so you'll see in your minds eye and on paper exactly how your garden will evolve and interact with your home.

We'll discuss the layout, overall design / thought process and how the installers and contractors will approach the creation of your new garden. A cost estimate will be provided for the build of your garden at this meeting with various plant options and hard landscape material choices. 

The Quote Stage
Once the design has been finalised to your satisfaction I arrange to have final quotes submitted for its installation.

I use reputable and professional installers, their previous work can be viewed prior to accepting your quote.

Quotes are transparant and broken down where possible so you see exactly how your quote has been calculated.

The Build
Once you've accepted your quote a start period will be scheduled, 

I'll also submit a quote to project manage your new gardens creation. I oversee all aspects of the installers work to ensure we continue to share the same vision and your garden develops exactly how I envisaged.

Project management fees are typically equal to the plan price, although I will give you an estimate of my projected time involved before works begin. Again this varies according to the gardens size and level of involvement required to ensure contractors create my ideals for your garden.

If you chose to phase your project over time then pro rata it's obviosuly less. 

Once your new garden's completed I'll book a hand over meeting with you so both the installer and I can walk you around your new garden and show you how to care for the various plants (or arrange a maintenance package) and generally ensure your new garden meets or ideally excells your satisacftion and expectations.

Future Care

Don't be daunted, complete aftercare's available to you.

In the same way when you buy a new car you wouldn't dream of never having it serviced or looked after, the same applies to your new garden.

I can arrange for an installer to discuss ongoing aftercare for your new garden so you can have it professionally cared for with either a partial package or complete maintenance schedule. All options are explained and offered to you.
From England to New England
I  became a resident of New Hampshire in 2014, my ethos still remains the same. To design timeless gardens, taking future inspiration through the pasts simplistic, timeless and elegant approach to design.
Sympathetically combining traditional materials such as natural stone, oak and mature planting within designs that not only compliment but enhance your home and lifestyle, all installed with true passion, care, craftsmanship and experienced professionalism.
My plant knowledge and practical experience with what's suited to particular soil types and micro climates is vast too. England has diverse weather, Scotland has similar winters to New England, snow comes in around October and doesn't lift for months whereas London barely gets a frost, with this experience I able to design and plant anywhere from New England to more temperate climates down south or on the west cost.

A live programme revisiting one of my established projects, with BBC presenters Tony Wadsworth & Julie Mayer.

Working with wildlife photographer, filmmaker and presenter Gordon Buchanan on a BBC series called Springwatch. My services were needed with the design of a self sustaining wildlife garden and specialist plant sourcing to help with the programme.

Where it all began  ​​​​​​​(Established 1995)

Below is a garden from 1998, this is one of the very first I designed and installed.

​Location:  Bishops Stortford near London.

    BBC Featured Garden ​​​​(2000) 

​Designed for my client who has cerebral paulsy. He asked me to design him a garden to enable wheelchair access throughout the gardens. This saw me design and solely lay 26,000 granite blocks to form florentine pattern pathways meandering through established woodlands together with water gardens and other aspects such as direct bedroom access to a vast deck and new lawns.

The BBC featured a live feed from this garden, presenter Tony Wadsworth can be seen here together with my elated clients.